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The Pink Section: What Our Toy Stores Are Telling Our Children

Field Notes From Fatherhood

If you’re a parent, you probably go to your fair share of children’s birthday parties – just last Saturday we had a back-to-back double-header, both for boys. Birthday parties necessitate gifts, and gifts generally necessitate a trip to the local toy store.

So on Thursday we stop off after school at a toy superstore in one of these big box shopping complexes, and I’m struck once again by an obvious fact.

The store is color-coded.

Since we’re looking for boy toys, we don’t even bother to glance at one third of the store. The pink third. We steer to the left, passing displays of race cars, building equipment, trains. Past plastic guns, tanks, artillery. Past construction sets galore.

The packaging depicts boys in active play, and are emblazoned with words like force, power, adventure, buildspeed, action.

Out of curiosity I have a peek at the packaging for girls’ toys…

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