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The Saturday Six: Truth In Coffee Mugs

 saturday six

 The best tasting, as well as most expensive coffee in the world is actually filtered through the digestive track of a monkey.

That’s right…

It’s made with monkey poop.

We apologize if you just spit your coffee out all over yourself as you read that.

We’re laughing, but we apologize.

The coffee is called, Kopi Luwak.


Be on the lookout if your local Starbucks decides to sell it.

“Ummm… yes…I’ll have the Monkey Poo mocha latte, skinny, grande, double lid please.”

“Would you like to add a side of fur with that?”

“No thank you. This drink is gross enough as it is, and try to spell my name right this time. It’s Thom with an ‘H’.”

“Gotcha. Tom with an H. Weird. H-O-M. Tom. Is the ‘T’ silent? Are you foreign or something?”

“Yes. Yes. That’s it. I’m foreign or something.”


Happy Saturday!

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One comment on “The Saturday Six: Truth In Coffee Mugs

  1. Christopher De Voss
    Desember 8, 2014

    Thanks for the reblog.

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