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Why I Love Our Blog


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I was chatting with a friend the other night, she’s also a guest blogger here, and I mentioned how well the blog was going. We’ve had loads of new followers lately. It took us more than two years to get to 2000 followers on WordPress and in the last two weeks we gained another 500. Readership is climbing steadily and that’s exciting.

She replied with a question: “I am curious about the blog generally and how you feel it benefits you. I know you are excited about the number of followers and it may seem self-evident as to why you are excited but. . .why are you excited?”

I sent back my powerpoint presentation about why academics blog and what’s so wonderful about it. I get asked to talk about blogging to other academics fairly often.

Here’s that pitch about the positive things blogging does:

  • Keeps me in touch…

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